Civil Rights Field Trip

For many, the Civil Rights Field Trip is a rite of passage for East Meck students. The Foundation is grateful for the dedicated teachers who are willing to accompany our Eagles on this amazing and transformative trip. The Foundation provides funding to pay for all Teacher Chaperones so students have the proper supervision and guidance through the experience.

Reunion Giving Makes HUGE Impact

The East Meck Foundation has become Reunion Central. Class Reunion planners have been enlisting the help of the Foundation to help organize and promote events for alumni. As part of the planning process, classes are requesting donations to help support the East Meck Foundation. The Class of 1965 gave over $5,000 in honor of their 50th Reunion last year. The Class of 1991 set a goal of raising $1,991 for their 25th Reunion. The Foundation was started by the support of its strong alumni base and continues to provide support for teachers thanks to the continued giving of our Eagle Alumni.